Members Site Rules

The Rules of the Member’s Site!

This site is for discussion, so feel free to join the conversation at any point to utilize the great community of individuals with a common goal of gaining knowledge to fuel their success. Nevertheless, to make sure we keep the site operating at its highest potential, we have written some guidelines that everyone in the #Wolfpack must follow!

Any member NOT following the rules listed below will only be given 1 warning before receiving a permanent ban.

– No SPAMMING on the site. Examples of spamming are listed below:
– Commenting the same thing more than once
– Posting repeatedly in a short amount of time

– Do not give people answers to questions that are meant to throw people off. If we see you giving constantly bad/incorrect information we will give you a warning before you get a full ban.

– Keep your posts constructive. Voicing your opinion is highly encouraged. However, putting down other #Wolfpack members is not the way our community should act.

– No self-promotions, recruiting, promoting, selling or advertising! If you want to place a link on the site (other than your profile) please look to a moderator (member with a check next to their name) for approval.

– No SELLING of other products on the site. This site is purely for learning and networking!

– Reciprocity is an important function of the site, so make sure you are giving credit to people who are taking their time to pose a good question and or answer. (i.e. liking, commenting)

– Be specific about what you are saying or asking. It makes it easier for other members to help. This will in return get you quicker answers!

– When unsure about the answer you are giving, make sure that you clearly state that you are giving an assumption or opinion.



We want to thank YOU for being a part of this awesome community. We are looking forward to all of the fantastic discussions, epiphanies, and leaps in personal success and self-growth that everyone will experience being a part of the #Wolfpack, greatest collection of hardworking individuals on the internet.

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