Live Sales Training

Live Sales Training with Jordan Belfort

Watch this two part live sales training as Jordan deconstructs a sale by one of his top guys and perfects their script while also explaining the reason behind having the right tonalities! 

Jordan Teaches His Team "The Pitch"

In this clip, you get a rare and privileged glimpse into the private world of the Wolf of Wall Street! This is a reality show you won’t want to miss… You are actually a fly on the wall here, as Jordan gives a personal training session to his very own sales team! See how the master trains his own people… and learn the secrets he teaches them along the way to help them close and achieve massive success. This is a must-watch for anyone in sales or business, or anyone who just wants a peek into the world of the Wolf! Talk about a win-win!

Identifying Qualified Buyers

Take a privileged, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Wolf Den, as JB gives a pep-talk training to his dedicated and ambitious sales team. He goes on to focus on the idea of having them pitch to only (or mainly) qualified customers, as to waste as little time as possible. He reminds them that they are talking to human beings, and to treat them as such. This team is all business — laser-focused on bringing the wisdom of the wolf to the world!

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